If you purchased a CD within the State of Texas between 1995 and 2000, the bad news is you overpaid for those Cd's. The good news is as a result of that Texans are going to enjoy some free concerts.


The money to fund these shows is from a $173,000 settlement from the Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust litigation. None of these concerts are being funded with taxpayer dollars.

In order to get the grant, you have to partner with a 501(c) nonprofit or a city or county government in the state. Whoever you partner with will have to pay the upfront costs for the venue and booking the performers. Whoever you book to play has to be Texan (or, at least 80% of their band members have to reside in Texas). You only have $1500.00 to work with though, so your choices as to who you can book for this free concert will be pretty slim.

The Governors office announced the Live Music Grant Program last week.To apply for the grant, click here!

Hummm. Who could we get to put on a show for $1500.00 in Texarkana? Any nonprofits wanna put together a free concert??