After leading the Houston Cougars to two 10 win seasons in the last four, Kevin Sumlin is packing up and making the short move to College Station to coach the Aggies as they make their move to the SEC.

In announcing the hire over the weekend, A&M Athletic Director Bill Byrne said:

"(Sumlin) is the right person to lead our football program into the Southeastern Conference."

Sumlin has proven he can win in a lessor conference, but the SEC is far from Conference USA on so many levels and there's no guaranty he'll be able to duplicate that success in the SEC.

Houston's offense has soared against weak competition, but even Urban Meyer's high flying spread option attack struggled to do much early on at Florida because SEC defense's were faster than anything his Utah or Bowling Green teams had faced. So, again, there's a big question mark as to whether his Aggies teams will be able to put up a lot of points.

The big question, is how patient will Aggie fans be? Any Aggie fan that thinks Texas A&M is going to make the move to the SEC and be successful right off the bat is probably going to be in for a big disappointment. Just like it took South Carolina AND Arkansas quite a few years to get to the point where they were competitive in football's toughest conference, it's going to take A&M awhile as well.