A lot of Texas drivers may not be aware that the State has a toll free hotline for the soul purpose of aiding motorists that may be stranded on a Texas roadside.  The hotline number is 1-800-525-5555.

The Roadside Assistance hotline is NOT a substitute for 911 in an emergency... again FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 911.

Whatever your problem may be... flat tire, out of gas, or maybe weather related, take a look at the back of your Texas Drivers License and you will see, in very small print, the number for the State Provided Roadside Assistance.

The hotline is answered at the DPS headquarters in Austin Texas and is passed on to the appropriate law enforcement agency. If you are in the city limits, they call the local PD, if in a rural area they call the Sheriff's office, if these agencies cannot respond a DPS officer will be dispatched.


If you ever have to call, try to make sure you have this information handy. Name, cellphone number, vehicle description, and highway location (mile marker is helpful).

Wireless customers in the State of Texas can also dial *DPS (*377).

For more on the services provided CLICK HERE.