We recently asked Sam Clem, executive director of Runnin' WJ Ranch, what he was thankful for this year. This is how he answered.

The main thing that I am so thankful for is knowing Christ and having a family that allows me to love them. Christ moves my soul and what an honor to share the love that Christ has put in me.  

My grandbaby is named Lucas. He is almost two years old and he puts his hands together when I pray at meals and then he puts his hand straight up in the air and says "Amen." Wow, what else can a Pop ask for? Except for my bride of 30 years, and when I say bride, she still is."

About Sam Clem

As the executive director of Runnin' WJ Ranch, Sam Clem has always seen himself as the person down in the valley fighting for children in life, just like David fought Goliath. He is the protector and the one that is required to have his heart out there for everyone to see. His prayer is that he does not get in the way of what the Lord is trying to do at the Ranch.