According to Jeffrey White, a research entomologist for, 2011 could be a bad year for bedbugs!

"I firmly believe that this year is going to be worse than last year," White said at a bedbug seminar Wednesday (Scott: A Bedbug seminar???? Really!!??!!)"

Here are some tips for keeping these blood sucking critters out of your home.

  • Inspect hotel room mattresses, bedding, furniture and closet hangers for signs of infestation.
  • Never put clothes in hotel drawers or on a hotel floor.
  • Travel with resealable bags large enough to hold clothes.
  • Use dissolvable laundry bags when travelling. The bags can go straight from your suitcase to the washing machine.
  • If in doubt, don't bring belongings in the house.
  • Check your laptop. The bedbugs are attracted to the heat and body oils on the computer.
  • Periodically inspect cribs, mattresses, box spring, head and foot boards and under the bed for signs of bedbugs. "After they've fed at night, they go and hide in the cracks and the crevices of the headboard and wait for you to come back to bed," said Gemma Holmes, owner of the Nashville-based Holmes Pest Control.
  • Check the alarm clock on your nightstand, along with electrical outlets. "It's a warm spot," Holmes said.

Seriously, they have bedbug conventions??!!??