(Update 12/27 — The Commissioners Court is now asking Natalie Nichols to resign.  In exchange, they will pay the $40,000 in legal expenses that she has picked up by them suing her.)

There seems to be more bickering than usual here lately in the Bowie County Courthouse.  Mainly all of the turmoil between Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy, and Bowie County Clerk Natalie Nichols.  If you have been keeping up with all of it, we want to know, Who do you agree with?

The way I understand it… the Commissioners Court meets, the clerk keeps the minutes, (everything that is said and done during the meeting, what was said, who said it, and in what order… she keeps up with the written record of the meeting, and other recordings of the meetings including video).  Now a temporary injunction has been issued requiring County Clerk Nichols, an elected County official, to provide all minutes/records to the Commissioners Court to review, and change them as Judge Lacy and the Court order her too… of course anybody can see them at anytime HERE. She is also ordered to give them the minutes of previous meetings, so that they can change, and edit them too… including this April 8th, 2011 VIDEO.

The temporary injunction lasts until a permanent hearing that is scheduled for February 21, 2012 at the Courthouse in New Boston Texas.  Of course, the Commissioners Court will have the county pay for their legal fees, and court costs… (last I heard, Clerk Nichols was on her own.)

(Maybe it’s just me…keep in mind that I am lazy, prefer cartoons to news,  and I am positive I don’t know all of the details of each of their stories… but it sounds like they want a “court secretary”, that will say and do as told, and not an official Court Clerk elected to serve the citizens of Bowie County.  I don’t want to say it’s the big boys picking on the little girl, so I won’t.  I will say quit wasting “our” money hiring these big shot political lawyers, and consultants to tell you how to do the job you campaigned for, and tying up all this time in the courts because “we” don’t want people to know we said a little prayer, or the pledge of allegiance at a meeting, before a meeting, during a meeting, or after a meeting… now if everybody was tapping kegs, and doing dance routines, while singing songs by legendary performing artist Billy Ray Cyrus, I would be the first to say launch an investigation, even though I would kind of like to see that.  Both of these people were elected because they said they were going to “change” county government, but this “change” is getting pretty silly at this point, and very embarrassing.  I’m really interested to see how it all shakes out in the end, and who will be in what chair on the commissioners court after the next election.)