I woke up yesterday morning, walked in the kitchen and found that my 10 year old son had left me a present on the bar.

It wasn't a cute note telling me what a great dad I was (though he's left those before) or a picture he had drawn me, it was simple art made out of lego blocks representing my two favorite college football teams.

This probably took him all of two minutes to put together. He was playing with his blocks and decided to do a little something dad would like. He was thinking of me. As I stood there looking at his little creation yesterday morning, I started thinking about his big sisters and how they did same thing when they were younger. Now that they've grown into adulthood and have moved out, I'm lucky to get a text saying hi unless they need something.

It reminded me that I should cherish each and every moment I have with my kids and to enjoy these little moments while I can because they grow up so fast.

What have your kids done for you recently that made you stop and smile?