True story:  My parents were HUGE "Dallas" fans. My brother once broke his arm, and my parents made him wait until a commercial break to tell them about it.... THEN... he had to wait until the show was over for them to take him to the hospital... sorry MawMaw.

TNT has officially signed off on the new "Dallas" show... and announced that it'll premiere next summer.  For now, they've ordered 10 episodes.  The new show will be based on the original, which ran for 14 seasons from 1978 to 1991.

According to the press release, the new "Dallas" will focus on the children of the original show's stars... but a few of the old cast remembers will be back, too.

Former "Desperate Housewives" star JESSE METCALFE will play the adopted son of Bobby and Pam Ewing... and JOSH HENDERSON, who also spent a little time on "Desperate Housewives", will play J.R. Ewing's son.

(Jesse played Eva Longoria's gardener John Rowland on and off for the first six seasons of "Desperate Housewives" ... and Josh played Edie's nephew Austin in Season Three.)

JORDANA BREWSTER will play Elena, a chick who both guys are interested in.  Jordana was in the first, fourth and fifth movies in "The Fast and Furious" series.

The returning stars are:  Larry Hagman, who played the infamous J.R. Ewing, Linda Gray, who played his wife Sue Ellen, and Patrick Duffy, who played his younger brother Bobby.

CHARLENE TILTON and STEVE KANALY are also reportedly returning from the original series.

BRENDA STRONG... the narrator of "Desperate Housewives"... is playing a character named Anne Ewing, who is apparently Bobby's new squeeze.  We assume that means his first wife, Pam Ewing, is not part of the series.

The actress who played her on the original series, VICTORIA PRINCIPAL, is not listed among the new cast.

(TNT has set up a website ... but for now, there are only a few pictures up.)