As most people know, I'm not into sports. I'll watch the Super Bowl, but I'm one of "those" people that is more interested in the commercials and the half time show. I bought into one of those football squares one year and a friend actually had to call me to let me know I was one of the winners! Yeah, like I said I ain't really into sports at all. But, here is a sport that got my attention.  Animal Planet's The Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl VIII will be February 5th the same day as that "other" big game.

Take a look at past years of The Puppy Bowl.  The great thing is you can catch both games!  Puppy Bowl VII starts at 2 p.m. Central Time,  February 5 on Animal Planet, and the commercials for the Super Bowl start at 5:30 p.m. on NBC.

Puppy Bowl I

Puppy Bowl II

Puppy Bowl III

Puppy Bowl IV

Puppy Bowl V

Puppy Bowl VI

Puppy Bowl VII

Kitty Halftime Show

They even have a half time show!  Check out The Kitty Halftime Show.

The Streaker

And their very own streaker.

Hall of Fame

Hall-of-Famers too!