I know the ladies like it, and it may sound a little weird me admitting this, but even I kinda like it when Carrie Underwood belts out those man-hating songs like "Before He Cheats"... and "Cowboy Casanova".  Then again, I kinda like everything Carrie does... especially if she's wearing boots while she's doing it.  (???)

But some people don't understand why sweet little Carrie would have such strong feelings.  So she explained it.

With songs like 'Before He Cheats' and 'Cowboy Casanova', I sing about two-timing men and love gone wrong, as it's a fun way to get aggression out in songs.  I love a good attitude song.

I've had my share of love gone wrong and guys not treating me the way any woman should be treated, so I definitely sing from experience.

Even though Carrie SAYS she's had "her share" of heartache, and "experience",  she's really only been dumped one time.  She explains,

(It) was the first and last time I ever got dumped.

It taught me a lot about myself, that I didn't like getting my heart broken and that sometimes people don't love you back.  But that's okay, because my life would have worked out different if he had.

(Carrie's right, getting dumped sucks, but it is part of the game.)

(Tell us about your devastating breakup that ended up being the best thing that ever happened to you, because you moved on to something way better.)