If you were watching 'The Voice" last night, you saw Cody Belew belting out "Hard to Handle" in the final blind audition round.

Marsha Belew Keopple and Cody Belew. Photo used by permission.

Cody is from BeeBe, Arkansas, but has ties to Texarkana. He's the cousin of former Arkansas High Coach Bill Keopple's wife, Marsha.

Cody's performance of "Hard to Handle" landed him the final spot on Cee Lo Green's team. Marsha told me she's not privy to any inside information, so his audition was "quite dramatic" for her last night. Cody was the final contestant chosen for a team and Cee Lo didn't turn around until the last possible moment. When Cody realized he had been chosen, the person running the delay had to work over-time to beep out his enthusiasm.

Congrats to Cody for landing on a team! Be sure and tune in to The Voice this season and support Marsha's cousin! She's so proud of him and so are we!