This sounds like a statement a woman would make-"Men are animals." Actually, it's not about bashing the male species for the way they may have treated you. Instead it's about how we guys act when we are watching football or any kind of sports.According to a study from the University of Valencia in Spain and VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands, guys actually become even more guy-like while watching their favorite teams compete. The reason two hormones--testosterone and cortisol--increase within the bodies of dedicated, young, male fans.

Of course, you hardly need instant replay to feel your testosterone tide rise as the big game unfolds. Your eyes widen. Your pulse quickens. You prepare to holler -- or curse. Here’s what you didn't know: that testosterone stream is part of a hormone secretion dubbed the "challenge hypothesis." This, the study’s authors say, is how humans internally "prepare for the game."

So I guess that means when I drink beer during the game that wouldn't have a effect also. I know one thing, "Do not talk to me when I'm watching the game. I admit I pump my fist, jump up and down and on occasion even have said a few choice words.

Welcome to the club fellas!

Have you found yourself doing the same?

( source:University of Valencia in Spain and VU University Amsterdam)