Carrie Foreman from Horatio, Arkansas is thankful for St. Jude. Carrie's son John is almost 2 and he just celebrated 1 year cancer free last month! This is what it is all about!

Carrie went on the air with Jeff and Aaron and told her story about her experience with St. Jude. John was only a few months old when she noticed something wrong with one of his eyes.

When she went in for a check up they were directed to Little Rock's Children's Hospital after several test John was quickly referred to St. Jude. Carrie received a call within hours from St. Jude saying we are making arrangements and everything will be okay!

Two days later John was at St. Jude starting treatment. The cancer was in one of his eyes and it could not be saved, but the cancer is gone! Carrie talked about all the testing and how everytime they drove up to St. Jude the first thing they did was give her a check to cover the travel expenses!  Their housing and food was also taken care of be St. Jude. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in testing, blood work and treatments...all of it was taken care of! Carrie didn't have to worry about the bills, her job was to be there with her sweet boy John.

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