As you have probably read and heard, longtime Director of Emergency Management, Dave Hall passed away at his home at the age of 69.I just wanted to reflect my thoughts on Dave. I did not have a personal relationship with Dave like a lot of my radio brethren, but it was a professional relationship which involved several memorable local emergencies.

Dave was in charge of informing the public of what was going on and what to do during the 100 year flood on the Red River back in 1990 and of course the infamous Ice Storm of late 2000. Dave was particularly helpful to me as News Director of the radio station to get the word out particularly during the Ice Storm.

Thanks to Dave I was able to get important, useful information out to those without power at their homes as to what was going on and what they could expect next.  Very professional is how I would describe him. He never made you feel like you were asking him a dumb question. He had been a radio man too and he knew what our job was all about.

Really, though what I will remember about Dave more is his radio career. This is because he was on my favorite radio station when I was a kid. He was the news & weather guy for KTFS 1400 AM. It was the station that we listened too back in the late 60's and early 70's before the day of FM Radio.

I was fascinated by radio and what I heard on the air and at the time Dave Hall was my favorite radio D.J. (Now they like to be callled radio personalities). He and later Don Michaels(Program Director for Y102 FM) are the reasons I got interested in starting my radio career 31 years ago. Both now have departed this life.

Thanks Dave for the memories. My prayers are with his family and dear friends.