We have been keeping up with the details of what happened earlier today, and are terribly saddened by the tragedy at the Bowie County Courthouse in New Boston Texas this afternoon, and it is so sad.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Deputy Sheriff Sherri Jones' loved ones, family and friends, and all of the members of the Bowie County Sheriffs Department.

The Officer Down Memorial Page has a post up, with information on funeral arrangements, and information on the survivor's benefit fund... WWW.ODMP.ORG

This is some of the post from ODMP.ORG:

Deputy Sherri Jones was shot and killed in the basement of the Bowie County Courthouse while preparing to transport a prisoner at approximately 2:30 pm.

She was moving the prisoner from a courtroom to a transport van to transport him to a state facility when he attacked her. The inmate overpowered her, took her gun, and fatally shot her. He then stole the transport van and fled to Arkansas where he was taken into custody.

Deputy Jones had served with the Bowie County Sheriff's Department for six years.