Girls, it's time to learn some self-defense! Have you found yourself in a situation where you felt like you were being followed or in danger? Always trust your gut.

Last December, I got the ja-hebbies scared out of me when I was Christmas shopping at the mall. I noticed this guy constantly staring at me. Sure, one time that you look up and meet eyes with someone is one thing, but it kept happening! I would walk over to another department and then sure enough he'd show up and stare at me. I finally went to the ladies bra area (just to be sure, I mean really what guy is going to follow you there?) Well, yes he showed up. I finally looked at him and STARED HIM DOWN! He walked away but it really did freak me out.

So, I saw this video of Jeff's daughter Danna. Man, she's got some awesome moves! Can you say "Bad Ass"?  I think it's time I checked this thing out! Ha! Jeff got beat up by a girl! :)