Christmas is just a few weeks away are you ready for the family to come? Or, are you dreading being around your family?When I think about this I'm reminded of the classic movie 'Christmas Vacation' where cousin Eddy shows up drunk in his old beat up RV with a snot-nosed dog and his entire family, and decides to stay a month.

In a recent survey conducted by a hotel chain, 1 in 3 of us will lie to relatives or make up some story like pretending to be out of town just to keep the kin-folks away.

According to the survey here is a list of the top 5 lies:

1. Pretending to be out of town

2. Acting like your sick

3. Having no room in the house

4. Rooms are already taken by other visitors

5. Renovating the house

What lie or lies have you told to avoid the relatives over for the holidays? And do you have a relative like Eddy? If so explain...