Have you tried Trace Adkins Hightower's Country Smoked Sausage yet? Even though all the stories are saying "no details are available" about where you can purchase it, we got a call this morning and it's here!!! Well at least at Brookshire's in New Boston, and it's good too!


I haven't had a chance to stop by Super One Foods here in Texarkana, but I will!

Trace filmed a commercial telling us about the varieties that are available. Original, Hot and Jalapeno and Cheese.Yum! Thanks Trace for the spicy one! I do love spicy!! The commercial also states that the sausage is gluten free, which makes sense! Remember, his daughter Brianna Rhea, has severe food allergies.

All three flavors are gluten free. You can find out more at TraceAdkinsCountrySausage.com.