There is a post at Billboard on an interview with our friend Tracy Lawrence discussing the 20th anniversary of his first #1 song "Sticks and Stones". In the interview he talks about those early days in his rise to stardom, and some of the mis-adventures he had with friends Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.

In the interview Tracy talks about his friendship with the country singers in the early days and the importance of his song "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are", and that when he found that song, he just knew it was the perfect song for them to do together.

Tracy told Billboard,

The three of us were friends all the way back in the early 1990s. When I got to Nashville, Tim was already here. He had a record deal already. The first time I took a bus trip was with McGraw. It was before I even had my record deal, the spring before I cut 'Sticks and Stones.' I remember we played Shreveport at a club I used to frequent before I moved to Nashville. All three of us ran together a lot, and chased the skirts and all that.

Tracy has a new studio album coming out later in 2012.