Country star Trent Tomlinson was in town this past weekend for a show at The Coliseum. Trent recently signed on with a new record company and is thrilled to be releasing a new album in the next few months. Trent has been a singer-songwriter for years and is best known for his hit "One Wing In The Fire" which was a song he wrote from personal experiences he had with a drinking father.Trent was born in Blytheville, Arkansas and raised in a small town in Missouri and was on his way to do a homecoming show when he stopped by the Kicker Studios for an interview prior to his show friday night at the coliseum.

The new album will feature 12 songs that Trent wrote and played a few for the fans during his show. Trent with his trademark bandana is excited about adding a fiddle player to his band and a great new guitarist that rocked the house with Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Pride & Joy.

Trent also did great covers of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" Hank Jr's "Country Boy Can Survive" and closed the night with a Prince song "Purple Rain" in which I meant to tell Trent that was the name of the former club.

Thanks to Trent and the band for letting me and my wife hang out on the bus we had a blast!