Pink is the color of choice in October. Trevor Kroll knows it. In fact, he made a wager on it.

Mr. Kroll said he would wear a pink dress while riding in the grand entry at the rodeo if his employer, Angie Watson of Genoa Feed and Hardware could get 1000 likes on their Facebook page. Angie Watson took the challenge and upped the ante by saying Genoa Feed and Hardware store would donate $100 if 1000 likes was reached.

So guess what happened? Trevor Kroll was seen wearing a beautiful pink dress at the Four States Fair & Rodeo grand entry and Genoa Feed and Hardware was able to donate over $1000 to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer charity.

The moral of the story? Kroll said, “I think this is great. I didn’t think anything like this would happen. But I don’t think I’ll bet against these ladies at the feed store again.”

[Texarkana Gazette]