Typically viewed as the party boys, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley say they pray every day.

It seems odd that Florida Georgia Line said that pray every single day, in an interview with CMT. Were Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley not just telling us a few years ago that they enjoy smoking marijuana and partying? Of course, we're not making a judgment on their relationship with the Lord. Everyone has their own convictions.

It was just an interesting statement.

When asked about their song "Confession" Tyler made the comment that no one is perfect and he finds himself saying "I'm sorry" on a daily basis when he gets down on his knees each night to pray. Brian than went even further when he said that he is constantly praying throughout the day.

"You've gotta be in the moment, but if you see something good, you gotta stop and pray. It's easy to be thankful. And then that energy just oozes out of you."

Maybe Florida Georgia Line is trying to clean up their act. Or maybe those who party the hardest also pray the hardest.