There's something that puzzles me a bit these days and it's about parents who buy their underage kids alcohol. It seems to be a growing trend across this country. I hear parents say it's better than the kids being on the road drunk. But don't you think sooner or later one of those kids will get behind the wheel? I would hate to live with the guilt that my kid lost his life because I bought him some booze. It seems that more parents today are willing to buy liquor for their kids - as young as 14 - even though they know it's illegal. Then with the added pressure to drink with their peers and older siblings it has really become a problem.

Nearly half of 800 adults surveyed said they were likely to provide alcohol to 17-year-old children for a party at home. One-fifth of "super cool" moms and dads would even provide booze for their 14 year olds.

How cool is it if your kid winds up with alcohol poisoning because you want to come off as a cool parent?   Forget that your kid's brain is still in a crucial stage of development, but many of them have driver licenses. Is it just me, or should would we not encourage this behavior? What do you think?