Yesterday Facebook announced the "Facebook card". Here is how they describe it:

It's a reusable gift card that can be loaded with balances from different retailers when a user’s friends buy them gifts through Facebook. It's a real card that you manage through your Facebook account. If someone buys you a Target gift card through Facebook, you'll get the Facebook Card in the mail. If someone buys you an Olive Garden gift card, that will be added to the Facebook Card already in your wallet. One card is all you'll carry. You'll be able to see your card balances when you log in to Facebook on your computer or smartphone.


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the new technology! I can only imagine how my parents must feel. They are in their 70's and I can see their eyes glaze over when I start talking about something on Facebook or my Ipad or whatever. They just got their first cell phones last year! I love that they want to make our lives easier but sometimes I worry about being so "connected". What do you think? Is this a great addition to your life or no?

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Love love love (and Happy Friday!)