The weather as of late has been very up and down as far as temperatures are concerned and this looks likely to continue.While the weather over all has been a little colder than normal it has been drier than normal as of late. This has led to some concerns about wildfires particularly in Arkansas.

January has seemed to be a little like a roller coaster as far as the temperature. Up one day and down the next. This pattern looks to hold as we head into this weekend and into next week.

While we woke up to 17 bone chilling degrees this morning, the high on Sunday should be a very pleasant 64 degrees. However, don't get used to the mild weather as we will get colder by Monday and back into the deep freeze for a good chunk of next week.

The question is with all this cold weather can we get any snow. There could be a slight chance next week, but right now it does not look promising. We can hope for something along that line between now and late February. That is not because there is anything in the forecast to indicate this, but just the fact that most of our snows over the past ten years have occurred late in the Winter Season, usually in February.

Here's hoping for a February snow!!!!