It's no secret that Shania Twain is finally on her way back to the country music world. Last week Shania was a presenter at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville. And despite a nasty fall, she handled herself with grace and dignity when she hit the stage. Shania even joked about it later on her website blaming her shoes for the slip up.But it was a week full of surprises, first announcing she will get back to the stage in Las Vegas at Ceasar's Palace for a long term deal starting in 2012. Then she released her new single "Today Is Your Day" during the season finale of "Why Not" that aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network Sunday night.

If you missed the show, you missed Shania Twain's performance with Lionel Richie doing the 1981 hit "Endless Love". Lionel had to prod Shania to do the song, but once she did it was incredible. And if that's any indication of what's to come, then welcome back Shania!

Here's the Youtube video:

It's not clear whether this song will make it on a Shania Twain Album or just go digital, but I think she should put it on an album it sounds great.

See an acoustic version of Shania Twain's new single "Today Is Your Day" here