Remember that old commercial 'Where's the Beef" that Wendy's used to promote their hamburgers. Perhaps they should bring that ad campaign back with the introduction of  Wendy's nine-patty "T-Rex" burger which is now a real thing. First seen in a Sports Illustrated ad as a spoof nine years ago, the monster burger has come to fruition but even a real T-Rex would have trouble choking this baby down.

Customers can order the king-size stack of meat as a sandwich for $21.99 or, if they're really hungry, as a combo for $24.99. However, the only place you can buy it is at a Wendy's in Brandon, a city in Canada's Manitoba province.

First of all, how would you hold a burger with that much meat to begin with? I would think you would have to cut it up in several pieces just to enjoy. Hopefully, you will share it with your family, otherwise you may want to call a cardiologist. I can hear those arteries hardening up now. Trying to figure out how many calories that is...if one 1/4 lb patty is 210 calories according to that equals a whopping 1,890 calories and that's without the cheese!

How much working out in a gym would it take to get that off?

Check out a photo of the massive sandwich and start trembling in fear of a massive heart attack.

Canada anybody?