They're both getting hosed by a federal government in Washington that has a major problem staying focused on the task at hand.

Part of that all important, last second budget deal that kept the government from shutting down two weeks ago took grey wolves off of the endangered species list. Now, they can be hunted again in states like Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.  I tried to find out how much exactly it cost the American tax payer to protect animals such as the grey wolf and I came up with; Nothing. Notta. Zip. But, as with most legislation in Washington, there are always pet projects thrown in there to help get the deal done.

So gray wolf, thanks to politics, you are now once again the hunted instead of the hunter. Which to be honest, I really don't have a problem with people hunting Grey Wolves. Especially if they're killing ranchers cattle and such. The thing that's disturbing is why they have to include something like this in a budget bill. Can Washington ever focus on the debate at hand? Maybe we should send some doctors to Congress and get them all hooked up with some strong adult ADHD medicine. They seem to have a hard time focusing.