I think it's safe to say that we turn to Google for advice on just about everything.

Valentine's Day can be a tough holiday to shop for. Gifts can vary from large to small, sentimental to extravagant, practical to impractical. My personal favorite gift on "holidays" like these are cheesy gifts. You can't go wrong with cheesy in my mind, especially when you have no idea if the other people even cares enough to get you a gift.

And some gifts are more popular than others. We know this because of Google.

That's right. Once you figure out what gift you want to buy, you turn to the popular search engine to help you select the right one. Believe it or not, every state is different.

Thanks to Estately, we now know which gifts are searched for the most in which states. This information has come from 12 years of monitoring. Arkansas may be on the right track with "Zales Jewelry" although I'm sure you're supposed to "go to Jared" or something like that. However, Texas turned up something that made me do a double take... "Plus-Sized Lingerie."

Other states get a little weird... see for yourself.