Japanese researchers are developing a new gun/weapon/silencer thingymabobby that messes with the heads of people it's aimed at and makes them unable to talk.


This new silencer thingymabobby doesn't actually hurt it's victims. It just confuses their brains making it very difficult for them to speak.

Zap! Silence!


My son, who routinely gets "strikes" for talking would be zapped by this thing 2 or 3 times a day at school if teachers had them...


Bartenders could silence people who got loud and obnoxious at bars (that would actually be kind of comical to watch).


Preachers could use it to silence that loud mouth kid in the 3rd row..


President Obama would have had fun zapping Republican Joe Wilson during his 2011 State of the Union Speech. "Oh yeah, see if I'm lying now punk! Zap! Now shut up and listen to my wonderful ideas!"


This is a dream come true for library workers.


If only Coach Petrino would have had one of these the other night when the lady was talking loudly during his time at the podium...


If I ever ran into Rosie O'Donnell... I'd want one of these..