Another Super Hero is coming to prime-time television. Wonder who it might be?

NBC has found its new Wonder Woman in the form of Adrianne Palicki, of Friday Night Lights. A rep for Palicki confirmed that the actress has been tapped to play the iconic, patriotic super-heroine. Palicki will inherit the role from Lynda Carter, who played the part on The New Adventures of Wonder Woman from 1975-79.

I was in High School during this time and I can still remember during Halloween most of the kids came dressed like Wonder Woman. Surely, they will give her an upgrade from the pin striped red,white & blue uniform she wore. Maybe they will also give her a new makeover and make her into a stronger more independent woman like today, of course with a little sass.

Whatever the case will be I was a fan back then and will likely watch the first few episodes to see what it's like. Hopefully, it won't be like the re-vamped Bionic Woman that didn't last long.

(source: People)