Went to see 'Man of Steel' this weekend for Father's Day and I really liked it. So what do you do to follow that up?  You come right back with 'World War Z'  in theaters this weekend and Paramount wants to make sure you're all pumped up for this zombie Apocalypse flick. If this movie bombs it won't be because they didn't hype it up enough. Now the studio has just released a brand new extended clip from the movie featuring Brad Pitt's character Gerry Lane who is shown making a daring rooftop escape with his family in tow, including 'The Killing' star Mireille Enos.

It's the same scene teased in previous trailers for the film, but here we get an extended look at the rooftop chaos and a glimpse of a couple of zombies. It happens sort of fast so watch closely as Gerry Lane and his family make a mad dash for the helicopter.

Recently, Pitt visited a handful of special advance screenings to help promote enthusiasm for the film, which hits theaters this Friday, June 21. Paramount has also released special $50 tickets in select cities, which will allow fans to see the film two days early. In addition, movie goers receive a special pair of 3D glasses, digital content, a limited edition movie poster, and popcorn.

Just hope that this costly movie lives up to it's hype or either producers of this movie will look like a bunch of zombies with stunned looks in there eyes.