Most of us Razorback fans could probably list at least 20 of these types of calls over the years, but these probably stand out the most in most Hog fans minds. For the record, I do not believe bad calls cost teams ball games, although there are times when they come at the most inconvenient moments.

  • 1982 - Arkansas at SMU. Phantom Pass Interference Call.

    Even younger Razorback fans have heard about this game. In a game that would decide who represented the SWC in the Cotton Bowl, Arkansas led undefeated SMU and their famed "Pony Express" 17-10 with just over 4 minutes left in the game when Arkansas was called for pass interference, giving SMU the ball at the Arkansas 17. SMU would score on the drive to tie the game and that's how it would end up, 17-17.

    To be fair, even without the pass interference call, SMU still had plenty of time to go down down and tie the game. But, no doubt the refs helped speed up the process.

    SMU went on to the Cotton Bowl while Arkansas played in the Bluebonnet Bowl.

    Famed broadcaster Keith Jackson, who called the game, said it best: "I don't frankly care who wins the ballgame, but that is a bad call". Bumper stickers were made after this game that read "Pass interference my @##".

  • 2009 - Arkansas at Florida.

    Arkansas had shut down Tim Tebow and Florida's high powered offense all day. But late in the game, the refs stepped in and helped the Gators score the game tying touchdown and game winning field goal. The first bad call could have gone either way, so we won't say it was completely a bogus call, but the 2nd penalty was one that was so bad even Terrel Owens tweeted about it.

    Another officiating mistake in this game came earlier in the third quarter. Florida trailed 10-3 and hit a 51 yard field goal to pull within 4. The problem was, the playclock had run out and technically it should have been a five yard penalty against Florida.

    Florida won the game by a field goal, 23-20.

    SEC officials admitted the refs made the wrong call on the personal foul penalty in the fourth quarter. In their official statement, they ruled the pass interference call was a "judgement call" and I completely agree with that. We have to give credit to Marc Curles, the official who threw the flag for the personal foul, he later apologized and said he was "sick" over it. Kudo's for manning up and admitting your mistake Mr Curles!

  • 2009 - Arkansas at Auburn. It's a fummm... touchdown?

    I don't think this bad call led to Arkansas losing the game, but.. Razorback fans are still scratching their head as to how the play was called a touchdown.

    In the second quarter of a close game, Mario Fannin appeared to have the ball stripped out of his hands at the goal line and Arkansas recovered. The head linesman signaled touchdown, while the line judge dropped a bean bag indicating a fumble. According to the SEC's official explanation, after a conference the officials decided that the linesman had the best view of the play and ruled it a touchdown. The review booth couldn't find enough video evidence to overturn the call. Ok, whatever.

    Video is unavailable of the play now, but someone made a funny parody of it on YouTube (some mild language in this parody).

  • 2009 - Arkansas @ LSU. Officials stop clock even though player is down inbounds.

    With less than :30 seconds to go in the game and trailing by 3, LSU was attempting to get into position to kick a game tying field goal to send the game into overtime. LSU was out of timeouts, but managed to kick the tying field goal with :09 seconds left thanks to the refs ruling a player had gotten out of bounds when it was obvious, he was tackled in bounds.

    LSU won the game in overtime.