Just when you think you've seen it all, better think twice about attacking a WWE Superstar.

WWE wrestling superstar randy Orton was in a match in South Africa recently when a crazed fan came out of the stands jumped into the ring and proceeded to attack Orton. The man goes for the low blow/ under the belt uppercut shot but Orton quickly recovers as seen in the raw footage. The fan is then quickly escorted off by security at the event.

Why is this video so shocking? It's shocking because the WWE still thinks fans fall for this type of stuff. The "attacker" is Leo Kruger, a native of South Africa, and currently on the WWE roster. The video was also posted to the official WWE website, meaning, it was possibly staged. WWE officials however beg to differ and say it wasn't a part of the show.

Whatever the case make for some great entertainment. Do you think it was staged or not?