The winner of last season's X-Factor Tate Stevens is releasing his long awaited debut country album today (4/23). His self-titled debut features songs co-written with Joe Diffie and David Lee Murphy to name a few. Tate reflects on what this album hopes to do for his fans:

“I hope this album when people listen to it put it in the truck or if they’re driving a car or whatever, on the boat or on the iPod when they’re running or whatever...when they get done, they’re like, ‘That guy! ...This guy has fun! This guy is a normal guy but he has fun and we want to be a part of whatever that guy does.”

Tate's hometown of Belton, Missouri has dedicated a water tower with his name and the words “Live the Dream!” on it. Stevens is set to make an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday.

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See his new video now.