So you take a picture with your pet and you share it with your friends on the social network. Are you aware there is a sight for posting pics of your animals called Yummypets?Yummypets was launched in January 2012 and was already a big thing in France. The social network now has more than 150,000 members with 500 new pets joining on a daily basis. The site has expanded to the U.K. and beyond, MySocialPetwork which started in the U.K. has a similar theme.

The site is a mix of Facebook, Craigslist, and Reddit. You can add pictures, videos, and statuses from your pet, post classified ads for donations and pet products, and discuss different topics with instant messaging and forums. You can also make a memorial page to pay tribute to lost pets.

Sounds like Mark Zuckerberg needs to start another version of Facebook and call it Petbook. What do you think?