This story is true, I know because it happened to me. There is a ghost in downtown Texarkana, and after many years I am now ready to tell my story.

When I was young, my Grandpa told me the story about the people on the "Monument to the Confederate Mothers" in downtown Texarkana near the Post Office. Most of us have seen it in passing but may not know the story of the figures depicted on the monument.

Photo by Jeff Easterling

The soldier on top was named Cecil, and it was his job to protect Annabelle who was cast beneath him in the monument to represent the "Confederate Mother". Over the years, Cecil began to fall in love with Annabelle, however. Annabelle "just wanted to be friends".

Time went on, and eventually the love that Cecil had for Annabelle turned to resentment because of his pride, and the two never spoke again, but here today there they are cast in stone, forever together in downtown Texarkana.

Photo by Jeff Easterling

As, my Grandfather told the story to me I was fascinated, but then a bit scared when he went on to explain that "to this day the ghost of Cecil the Confederate still guards Ms. Annabelle". I felt chills, then doubt, and said to my grandfather, "nuh-huh".

I'll never forget it, he said,

I swear it. You climb your scrawny butt up to the top of that statue, you look old Cecil in the eye, and ask him 'what are you doing' and his ghost will say 'nothing'... I SWEAR IT!"

I was used to him telling us grandkids a tale from time to time so I was determined to prove him lying, and up that monument I went to climbing. Yes, it was dangerous, but he let me keep climbing until I was up top and holding on to old Cecil to keep from falling off. I raised up until I was eye to eye with Cecil, and I asked the question... "What are you doing?"

I'll never forget it, proving that my grandfather was telling me the truth, as soon as I asked my question the ghost of Cecil the Confederate said NOTHING.

Photo by Jeff Easterling

Now, you don't have to believe this, at first I didn't either. If I had not experienced it myself I would probably still doubt it, but I lived it, so I know that it's true. If you ask him what he is doing, he will say NOTHING.