Dave Pittman American Idol contestant from season 9 is currently on a radio tour promoting his new album "Crazy Brave" and Dave is expected to swing by the station during the afternoon drive home for an interview.


Dave is from Gassville, Arkansas and auditioned in 2009 in Dallas, he was one of 24 out of 11,000 singers who made it to the Hollywood rounds. But Dave has a interesting and inspiring story to tell, when he was 10 years old he was diagnosed with (TS) Tourette Syndrome. TS is a neurological disorder that is characterized by one or more body and vocal tics. Amazingly, it doesn't effect him when he is singing.

Dave has had to overcome is disabilities and struggles through the years in order to be able to do what he loves to do make music and sing. He continues to inspire people of all ages today, and says that no matter what the problem or disease you may have, you can still achieve your dream by "Just Believing".

Dave's new album is called "Crazy Brave" and got the title from Neil Patrick Harris who said at the audition "Your Crazy Brave" meaning he recognized Dave's efforts under his condition.

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Check out Dave Pittman's audition from season 9 of American Idol courtesy of YouTube: