The staff at St. Jude will tell you that one of the most powerful things that keeps patients and their families going is that they believe things will get better.

A visit to St. Jude is very surprising. You might expect that the patients would look and feel depressed as they fight some of the most debilitating diseases there are. But that's not what you see at all.

Instead, upon entering the doors at St. Jude, you see patients smile as they find themselves embraced by a feeling of peace. You see hope glimmer in their eyes as they are greeted by the warm and welcoming staff. You see them comforted as they realize everyone at St. Jude is doing everything they can to help them get better.

If you become a Partner In Hope today, you too will give patients and their families something to 'believe' in. Your generosity will help St. Jude find cures that save lives.