Koala bears are precious and this story is so sweet it is truly an "Awww" moment. A Koala bear was injured in Australia and needed surgery. What the surgeons did to accommodate the koala bear's baby(known as a joey) is nothing short of wonderful.


From the YouTube description:

According to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital's Facebook page, Lizzy the koala was hit by a car on the Warrego Highway in Coominya, Australia. Her joey, Phantom, was unscathed, but Lizzy suffered facial trauma and a collapsed lung. Phantom is only six months old and too young to be without mom, so the doctors let him stick around for the live-saving procedure, perched on mom's neck. His hugs seemed to do the trick, and Lizzy is on the road to recovery.


You can keep up with  Phantom and his mom Lizzy at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital's Facebook page.