Oh, tomorrow is Valentine's Day!! The one thing most couples will do is go out for a nice meal somewhere. We have a lot of wonderful restaurants to choose from for a romantic dinner.

Some restaurants that come to my mind are:

Cattleman's Steakhouse at 4018 N. Stateline Avenue. This is a Texarkana treasure! My husband and I rediscovered it a few months ago. We used to go there years ago, then when all the new chain restaurants started coming in I guess we got dazzled and forgot how great this place is! Shame on us! I'm proud to say that yes we re-found Cattleman's and I'm so glad we did!

Another favorite? Oh! Italian Cafe at 4501 Stateline Avenue. We go here quite a bit! Absolutely love it! We have tried a lot of different items on the menu and we are never disappointed! The food is great! Oh, and be sure to bring your own bottle of wine! They don't serve alcohol but like I said, just grab a bottle of wine or two and bring it in with you!

Yet another good choice is Park Place on Arkansas Boulevard is another wonderful place to go! It's been around for years and has a huge, loyal following. This is a nice, quiet place for a romantic dinner specializing in French Cruise and steaks.

I know a lot of people love Osaka Japanese Steak House! I haven't been there yet, but I plan on it! you can't go wrong with wonderful food and entertainment to boot! The Tappen tables where a chief cooks the food right in front of you makes the night an event!