I get the feeling people are hoping BLAKE SHELTON will blurt out something borderline obscene when he co-hosts Sunday's ACMs with REBA MCENTIRE.  Something that would be bleeped-out... and leave everyone buzzing.

He's certainly playing up that "dangerous" angle a lot.  Here's Blake explaining what he told a network suit, quote, "(I told him), I just want you to know that, uh, I take this serious.

"It's a big deal to me.  And I definitely wouldn't bring Reba down with me, you know.  Making fun of, you know, CRAIG MORGAN'S toupee or whatever... that would upset country fans."  (Toupee jokes?  They're gold Blake, gold.)

The suit did not buy into the silly promise.  Blake said the guy responded with, quote, "Well, the reason I was calling you was to tell you that they're going to implement a five-second delay for the ACMs."

(By the way... Craig Morgan does not wear a toupee.  But you already knew that.)

(Not that I encourage gambling, but this might make a good bet.  Someone lays down 20 bucks that Blake will definitely get bleeped on Sunday ... while the other one says "no way".  Okay, 10 bucks.  Dang economy.)