Just call him Mr. Romance! Brett Eldredge gives fans a closer look at what he's like in a relationship in his "The Long Way" video, which co-stars Duck Dynasty's Sadie Robertson as the singer's love interest.

The video opens with the two meeting at an outdoor bar — this is where their story begins. I didn't think tonight when I walked in, I'd be falling for somewhere I've never been," Eldredge croons.

The three-minute clip has Eldredge and Robertson acting out the lyrics of the song as they drive around in a convertible, visit her hometown, walk beside a creek, embrace on the porch and dance in a barn together.

"Take me the long way around your town / Were you the queen with the silver crown / I want the secrets you keep / The shine underneath of the diamond I think I just found / Take me the long way around," Eldredge sings. "The Long Way" is the second single from his Brett Eldredge album.

The Brett Eldredge You Know: In Front of the Camera

The song is lyrically descriptive, and the music video brings the storyline to life as Robertson slowly opens up to Eldredge while showing him around her home and her family's barn.

“In a world where we don’t have conversations anymore," Eldredge says, "I wanna sit down and have a conversation. Put away the phones, put away everything and I wanna get to know you as a person. I want to get to know your heart."

The song is one of the more vulnerable singles Eldredge has released, and it was his honesty that struck his manager. "I remember my manager calling me and saying, 'I’ve never heard you this vulnerable before,'" Eldredge tells Taste of Country. "And it’s not like I was scared to be that vulnerable I just don’t think I knew how to do it until having a couple records."

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