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Clowns in Texarkana: Best Twitter Reactions [LIST]
We took to Twitter to see if Texarkana is ready for this influx of clowns.
I’m not a fan of these clown episodes. Not that I’m afraid of clowns, but because I think it is literally the dumbest thing in the world. “Let’s all dress up as clowns…
I've always been fascinated by ghostly sightings or urban legends that culminate over the years by either eye witness accounts or actual experiences. Whether some are true or just made up, they still make for some very interesting conversations. Here's four urban legends that took place no…
Amazing Robotics
According to the movie "Terminator 2: Judgement Day," August 29, 1997 is when the robots became self-aware and the mounds of poo began pummeling the fan. Obviously we missed that date, but who's to say August 29, 2015 won't be "THE" day?
Knocked Out by Lightning
Have you ever sat on your porch or in your garage and watched a thunderstorm? That's what this guy was doing while videoing the storm when all of a sudden...

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