Dogs get out of their yards, some runaway, others disappear and some are stolen. Often these dogs (and cats, pigs, horses, goats and chickens) wind up at the animal shelter.

Here are some of the dogs at the animal shelter in Texarkana in the downstairs holding area. The white with black markings puppy is actually on the adoption floor but I couldn't resist his cuteness!

Anyone missing a pet should physically go to the shelter and go often to look for the pet. Calling the shelter is not enough. You must be there to put your eyes on the dogs and cats to make sure it isn't your pet. Often times the description they owner provides does not fit what the pet looks like at the shelter. It is also very good advice to have your pet microchipped and register the chip with your current phone numbers as well as an emergency number. I found a dog that had a chip and the owners had given up on finding her and even listed the pet as deceased after not finding her for 10 months. She made it to my rescue and then made it back to her owners all because of a little microchip inserted under the skin.

The animal shelter is located at 203 Harrison, Texarkana, ARK. Their phone number is 870-773-6388, the shelter is open Monday - Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

My best advice to get your lost pet back: Please be sure to have your pets spayed and neutered, make sure they are microchipped and keep a collar on them too with your information securely on the collar. Also follow the many lost and found Facebook pages to help folks find their babies. All the details and links to those pages are in the story below: