Jennifer Nettles has a new solo album out and she says she couldn't have done it alone.

Although Jennifer spent 10 years as a part of Sugarland, it didn't seem a surprise that she would put out her first solo album, That Girl, in 2014. Now, this week, she is getting ready to release her second solo album, Playing with Fire. Although the name suggests that she may be pressing her luck, we feel differently.

And so does Jennifer.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Jennifer talked about how she felt completely out of her element when recording it. She had just had a baby and felt like she was all over the place. Now, being a mother, she feels vulnerable, but also brave and on fire.

So she got started and enlisted the help of Brandy Clark.

Her new album features many songs penned by Brandy. The two have known each other for quite sometime and Brandy even toured with Jennifer on her "That Girl" tour.

Seems like a match made in heaven and we can't wait to hear what they've come up with.