A recent survey came out and said that the average football fan would prefer to watch their favorite team play on T.V. instead of actually going to the game and seeing it in person.

According to PRNewswire the survey found:

70% of football fans would rather get together with friends at home to enjoy the game than actually go to the game. The homegate is not just reserved for the biggest game of the year, either, as 25% said they homegate at least four times per season.

"The emergence of new TV technology is one of the drivers of the rise in homegating in recent years," said Chris Sutton, Vice President of Marketing at hhgregg. "With new 4k-UHD curved televisions, you and your guests have a better view from the couch than the 50-yard line."


Personally, I'd rather be at a game and see it live. Granted, I'm not really into sports but I'm really not into watching them on t.v. It usually will make me fall asleep!