A new custom is popping up across the country. People are starting to ask house guest to take their shoes off. It's always been a polite thing to do in Japan, but here? 

It's becoming more and more common. People are passionate about it on both sides. Some feel it's a great idea, others feel it's rude.

According to ABC News

City dwellers and suburbanites from New York to Los Angeles often find that hosts expect footwear to be left at the door. Sometimes it's because of weather; other times, homeowners want to protect light-colored rugs and high-gloss wood floors from dirt and dings, or parents don't want street germs on floors where kids play.

Some people find it rude, unless of course you have muddy boots. At my house, if you go upstairs, then we do ask kindly to take the shoes off. Hey, that carpet was expensive and we don't want mud in the bedrooms.  But, entering my house? Nah. If I was asked to take my shoes off before entered someone's huse... I'd comply, no problem there. After all, it is their house!

 ABC News