By now you likely have your summer vacations planned, unless, of course, your family is like mine and every trip you ever make is last minute. Well, regardless of which of those categories you fall into, this list is for you.

Listen, you're fine if you want to take the family to Disney in California... or Florida. Or something like a road trip up the West Coast. But if you plan on doing some serious international adventuring this is good information to have before you start booking flights.

Texans Now Being Warned NOT to Travel To These 9 Places

Since most U.S. citizens don't have firsthand access to what type of violence or unrest is happening across the globe, The United States Department of State will regularly review travel advisories and relay to us Americans information on a variety of travel risk concerns, including health, terrorism, and civil instability.

Travel alert levels will alter due to many issues within a country, including growing civil unrest, human rights-related legislation, or increased risks of wrongful imprisonment.

If you're unfamiliar, there are four travel advisory levels. The levels begin at 1, which means you should take regular precautions, up to Level 4, which means this is a place that you should not travel to.

Level 1: Exercise normal precautions.
Level 2: Exercise increased caution.
Level 3: Reconsider travel.
Level 4: Do not travel.

U.S. News reports that crime, kidnapping, and terrorism are common risk factors in Level 4 countries. Traveling to these locations may pose major risks to Texans and the American public in general.

Texas Residents Advised to NOT Travel to These 9 Places

The United States Department of State regularly issues travel advisories for Americans to help keep them safe during their vacations. There are four levels of advisories: exercise normal precautions, exercise increased caution, reconsider travel and do not travel. These are nine of the 19 destinations under a Level 4: DO NOT TRAVEL advisory.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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