Kane Brown couldn't have picked a song further from "Thank God" for his next radio single. "Bury Me in Georgia" is the opening track on Different Man, and it shows how dynamic the project truly is.

The singer and his record label tamed a radio edit of "Bury Me in Georgia." The album version (heard below) includes instrumental solos and heavy vocal distortion. Radio stations will surely select the shorter, cleaner copy to play, but the song is still grittier than anything he's previously used to promote a record.

While Brown has been willing to shock fans on cross-genre collaborations, he's played it relatively safe as he's become one of country's most reliable hitmakers. "Thank God" was a sweet, pop-friendly love song with his wife. "Like I Love Country Music" was a '90s country bop.

"Famous Friends" was a no-nonsense collab with friend and labelmate Chris Young, and before that, his darkest moments found him pondering life without his girl.

This song — written by Brown, Josh Hoge, Matthew McGinn and Jordan Schmidt — amounts to certified instructions for his friends and family, should he die. It's also a salute to his home state, something other Georgians are sure to pick up on.

The song's success at country radio will depend on collective enthusiasm to the guitar-heavy stomp of "Bury Me in Georgia," but it may not be a song designed to top airplay charts. This kind of single, when released as a fourth or fifth single from an album, is often a tell of what's to come or an attempt to cultivate passion from a fanbase. Think Eric Church releasing "Smoke a Little Smoke" in 2010. That's a risk Brown can afford at this point in his career.

Did You Know?: Kane Brown has a streak of four straight No. 1 songs on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Listen to Kane Brown, "Bury Me in Georgia"

Kane Brown, "Bury Me In Georgia" Lyrics:

Bury me in Georgia / 10 miles outta Chattanooga / South of that state line / There’s a no-name road off Highway 2 / Just past the welcome sign / It’s where I was born / It’s where I was raised / Ain’t sayin' I’m ready yet / But that’s the place / I wanna be / After my last breath.

Bury me in Georgia / Lemme rest in peace / Underneath the pines / Yeah, yeah, yeah / Where my roots run deep / When it’s my day / Put me in that clay / And remember what I told ya / When I die / Bury me in Georgia.

Yeah, I don’t care what color my suit is / Or what shoes y’all put on my feet / I don’t care how many show up, yeah / Or who reads my eulogy / Just take me out to that graveyard / Sing a send-me-home song / Put ‘Go Dawgs’ on my headstone / And pile that red dirt on.

Repeat Chorus

Hell, yeah / Check this out / For my final will and testament / Let this be my last request / Leave it all to my family / And you already know what’s next, yeah / Bury me in Georgia.

Repeat Chorus

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RCA Nashville

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